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Customer service s

Customer service success requires a high degree of interpersonal skills such as
simple but enthusiastic presentation, advanced preparation of information, and
sensitivity to the needs of others
If they have a difficult time with public speaking or interpersonal interactions, they
may want to find a Toastmaster’s organization near them for some low-stress and
supportive practice. When preparing for job interviews and performance evaluations, they should expect hard questions and draft out their responses in advance—especially for the questions they might not want to answer. they should not be afraid to admit that they do not know the answer to a question; instead, they should offer to find the answer and get back to the asker as soon as possible. They should not rush when answering any questions. Also not feel obliged to fill the quiet
after a tricky question. Just pause, think, and then answer. Always dress appropriately, projecting a cool, clean-cut professional image. Dress up or down as the circumstance dictates. Project enthusiasm for your ideas and goals; that attitude is contagious.
Remember that if they are not excited about themselves, then the listener never will
be. Be truthful, but also do not feel the need to be hurtful. Do not say someone looks
unwell, sick, or tired. This will do nothing to further conversation and will only
make the person uncomfortable. Remember silence is an option. All these amongst others should carve a path for the student to ply.