Customer Service -Unit 1

As a manager in the customer service department, asked to select someone for my customer service department, I would look for a person with good communication skills and good acknowledge of computer and communication technologies. I would also select people from different cultures, since I know how important would be a cultural diversity for a team. Following the interview, my selection would be made on a positive attitude, this meaning calm, smile through the discussion, presentation, punctuality, availability for working hours, and the skills to take decisions quickly in order to solve problems. I would also conduct some simulations of situations that occur frequently in customer service department, to see how the candidate could face them. For example: his/her reaction when an angry customer becomes aggressive verbally, or how the candidate could work in a team. I would also lead the potentially employee in the service department to present him/her the team and different activities there, technologies, so that the candidate could have an idea if he/she would like or not that work. This might avoid, in my opinion, him/her giving up soon after, if hired.