Customer service unit 2 discussion

It happened once to me to be a slow cooker and the bowl was broken. I did not realize that since a used it the first time and I realized that something was wrong, since the water inside disappeared. I used it again for a try, and it happened again the same thing. On the bowl there were no sign of any rift, but it was, though. I packed the product, went back to the store with the receipt, explained to the person at customer service what the matter was. I was given a refund immediately, explaining me that it was not possible to do a change, but be given a refund and buy another one. I was really satisfied with the way I was treated and had my problem solved.

I met many customers angry. I tried to speak them calmly, with a low tone, explained them the store policy, and try to help them as much as I could.

My friends come from diverse cultures. I live, in fact, in a multicultural country. I tried to ask more about they culture, habits, and I see that everyone is happy to share this. I try to adept and respect everyone’s culture.

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