Customer Service Unit 3 Activity

Talking on the phone is a different way of communication than the face-to-face one, since everything is to be done through voice. Even so, you have to keep your smile, because a good attitude can be feel by the caller. I found as interesting in this course some techniques, such as: when you transfer a customer you have to ask his/her permission first, to introduce him/her and present the issue to that person, maintain contact with the customer every 20-30 seconds, if the transfer lasts. I also found useful some tactics regarding the way of speaking on the phone ( as speed, tone, vocabulary).

When communicate over the computer, the message should be brief, on 1-2 points, using a personalized template, with proper introduction and conclusion.

Using a plan for what I have to do, prioritizing the most important things, taking short breaks to clear my mind.

I have never worked in a major team project, but I did work in a team, and I enjoyed it. I like when everyone come with his/her point which put together make the work well done. I am open to new ideas and I accept everything it seems to be good.