Customer Service Unit 3 Writing

In a call center the phone sounds continuously, so you have to be prepared to answer it quickly. Communication over the phone or E-communication, is different from a face-to-face conversation, since you cannot see the other person. All it is done by voice, so the message must be very clear. You can feel whether the customer is angry or not, by his tone and voice. You have to adopt the same attitude as if it were a face-to-face connection. It would be the same for you: if you are upset, or not in a good mood, it could be realized by the speaker. Smile. Once you answered the phone, present yourself and ask about the issue. Listen carefully, and try to talk to your customer as if you like to be talked. Adopt a tone, speech and vocabulary close to those of your caller. While you do not see or know your caller use simple words. Try to speak to a slower pace that the normal conversation. If the customer has a complicated issue, that you cannot solve, contact the coworker concerned, keeping in mind that the work in customer service is a team one, where you have to resolve problems together. So, put the customer on hold to be transferred to the person concerned. Before this, you have to explain clearly why he should be referred to another one, the name and role of that person. To avoid annoy the customer with giving again the whole story of his issue, do it for him. So, give a brief presentation of the matter to your coworker. If the line is busy, keep the contact with the customer and inform him every 20 or 30 seconds about the progress made with his/her transfer. Once you are done with the resolution, ask for the customer’s contact details to call him again for a follow-up. Do not forget to apologize for the inconvenient. Conclude with telling the customer that you would like to serve him/her again in the future.