Customer Service Unit 4 Discussion

To find my past jobs I used many resources. I prioritized the online ones, such as: job boards, companies websites. I also applied through agencies, employment centers, asked people around about work opportunities in theirs companies, or applied in person. I think the Internet it is the easiest way to apply for a job, but at the same time there are thousands of people doing the same, so it is difficult for you to stand out, unless you have a very professional resume. I think your personal and professional network is the best way to find a job.
To be well prepared for an interview I would recommend practicing the sixty-second elevator speech, which means to present yourself, your professional activity and evolution and what you can bring to company, if hired, in a sixty second-speech. That means to be very brief, in addition with to a good attitude, a confident smile, and to be prepared to answer all kind of employer’s questions, mainly based on your resume.
I use mainly LinkendIn, but sometimes I connect with people through Facebook.