Customer Service Unit 4 Writing

If someone looks for a job in customer service department, he/she should like this job. Besides, I would recommend him/her being well prepared and up-to-date with everything about using technologies. It depends also on the department he wants to work. In some cases a customer service worker is required a good typing speed, since they had to enter data into the computer at the same time as the costumer speak over the phone. Since this job asks to have good interpersonal relationships, one needs to be at ease with creating and developing them, so to be a good communicator. He needs also to be patient, and do not be in any way influenced by customers mood. He would prove plenty of understanding and empathy and a desire to have a customer satisfied. He also would like people. As a good team player, he needs to help the others coworker to accomplish the company’s goal. These are, in my opinion, keys in a career development. Nowadays, due to the new technologies it is possible, and this tends to become a usual way, to work remotely. That requires to be a good time manager, to have a good Internet connection, to have access to new technologies at home, to be problem solving, and work independently. One searching to follow this path, should think very well in which field does he or she would like to work, and look for the appropriate position, by sending resumes, cover letters, contact personally the managers, ask people around about a job.