Customer Service Unit 5 Discussion

To be successful in the Customer Service course one need to pay attention some important points concerning how to communicate through different means (face-to-face, on the phone, on the Internet), because each of them has their particularities. Someone, also need to read and revise the course units whenever they need to do so. It is a good manual to learn what as a customer service representative is supposed to do. The activities of each unit lead to revising again the content of each unit ( it was my case).
I found useful everything I learned in this course. Some techniques that I found very useful for me, were how to communicate efficiently through Internet, how to communicate with a customer over the phone, the attitude you need to have when doing this kind of work, how to manage the stress while working in such an environment, as well as how to prepare for a job interview.
Since this course covers almost everything I needed to know about the customer service job, I do not found anything inusful. I just miss the practice and the experience in such a job.