Customer Service Workplace

I would like to work in a face-to-face position in a customer service department in retail, because I like to have an eye contact with the customer, to interact with him naturally.
I had once a customer angry because he had bought something and it was not working. I asked him for the receipt, as the store policy asked, so that to give him a refund. He did not have the receipt. I explained to him several times that I could not give him a refund without a receipt, but he insisted to have a refund. Finally, I decided to call a manager to talk to him and find a solution to solve the customer’s issue. The manager accepted, finally, to make an exception from the store policy and to give him the refund.

I like to find in a customer service department a person smiling, talking calmly, eager to explain me everything I ask, so that to have a clear idea about my issues.