Data and decisions


Having more date would keep me from making decisions based solely on my knowledge. This could be time saving, maybe there was another option or a better way of doing a tasks had more data been available.

Data has to be given credibility, but critical thinking will help you balance between intuition and data


Think about decisions you make in your work or personal life. How could having more data help you make better decisions? What kind of data would you need?
How would you balance your own intuition and data to make better decisions?

Being a designer of outdoor spaces that all types of people use it would be really helpful to gather data about spaces that have been built, what people enjoy about those spaces, what amenities they use, and things that good be improved upon. We work with a lot of developers and I feel that sometimes they just want to add an amenity because it looks great in marketing photos when in reality it is a waste of their money and space.

There would need to be a balance between a designers intuition and what the data portrays. We an learn from the data to help us improve spaces and designs, but taking the data literally is may not be best for the outcome of the design. Also based on the population and demographic of a space it will lead to different needs and desires and blanket data can’t really determine what a good design is for every neighborhood.