Defining Art


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it is explained in this unit? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

I agree of the artist’s definition of art as written in the previous unit. A work of art is a way of being coming into life through the artist’s expression and vision. Studying art can help a person to think creatively and plan from the past, in the current present moment, and towards the near or distant future.


From a cultural perspective, art is relative to how society responds to it. Culture is a a broad term in todays rapidly changing society and as many subcultures emerge rapidly creating a sociological flux it is in my opinion a loose term. I believe that art defines or represents emotions and experiences more so than culture. A persons culture can vary, have everything or nothing to do with themselves. Many artists are not limited to having their culture classify their art. Hence ethnicity of an artist not being factor , i.e. an asian american artists that are fixated on african art symbolism. I think that the interpretation is the direct soul of what the artist was inspired by on a creative level and not the culture of society or personal culture.