Degree Reboot

Trying to resurrect my Ba degree at TESU having stopped I believe with only 12 credits left. Now after evaluation I have 30 credits left and no extra funds to take courses. I thought I would start with CS402 because I felt it was a familiar topic but was enlightened by the depth of subject matter. Now if I can take the direct credit exam that would be great and a new beginning.

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Good luck with the course and we hope we are able to play a small role in your degree completion journey!!!

Thank you! I get notified when I can retake a failed end of course exam is there any notification when a direct credit exam is concerned?

I don’t think we have an auto-notification, you just have to calculate and if you want to be safe can write in to us at and say I could my next available exam date to be X. We require a space in between to encourage studying to increase the chances of passing the next time. @sean anything to add here?

I phrased the question wrong. I have never taken the direct credit exam. I don’t need to know when to take the retake but the initial test. I will go and ask my proctor if any test has been scheduled hopefully the 3rd attempt is the charm.

Oh I see. Who is your proctor?

Molly Monte Atlantic County library New Jersey

I checked with my proctor and nothing had come through her email since the approval status.

I have the same problem - I filled out the form to take an exam, but my proctor has not received the test information.

I wanted to get ACE credit for CS402 and see if Thomas Edison approved it. However, even though I did well on the end of course final exams I could never seem to get an exam scheduled with my proctor. Now it looks like a total waste of time. Instead of a reboot I got a crash dump BSOD

Mark - Please catch me up on your situation. Are there reasons you could not use ProectU to take the exam?

Hi, @Jeff_Davidson

While I’m obviously not @markwney (and, as you know, I don’t work at / for Saylor), I think it may be helpful to mention that I’ve found the following message, posted by @markwney, that I believe explains his reasons for not using “ProctorU”:

Apologies, I thought I was posting a general reply and not one directed to you.

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No apologies necessary, @Jeff_Davidson! :slight_smile: I didn’t take that your reply was directed at me. I only replied because I thought the information I’ve posted would be helpful to you. That was my sole intention.

much appreciated!!

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