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Direct Credit Exam Not Scheduled

I contacted my university and my registrar approved me to take ECON101 Microeconomics through Saylor Academy. I was ready to schedule an exam on December 31 7PM EST, but when I went on to ProctorU to take the exam it would not allow me to schedule anything for that course. On the website here it says it would be available until January 1, 2020 at 3AM…

I am a little confused as to why I couldn’t schedule this exam and was trying to get in contact with Saylor via their email but I have had no luck in the past 3-4 days. Is there a phone number I can call to see if there is any potential extension I can get on this exam? I spent 4 weeks studying the material and I will be pretty aggravated if I can’t take the exam for credits!

Thank you!


Hello! Thank you for your note and we will respond to your email request. Please forgive us for what is perceived as a slow response but we were still in the holiday season when this issue came up and will do our best to catch up with requests that came in over the holidays as soon as we can.

Thank you Jeff!

Is there a direct email or phone number I can call? I have emailed 3 times and never heard anything back. I was hoping to take up to 10 classes with you guys but I don’t know if there is anyone to actually send over my transcripts once I pass these exams.

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Not sure if this will get any results

@sean can you assist here if this has not been resolved?