Discussion 1

Good Evening
Structural Functionalism -
When thinking of this, inequality within children comes to mind. For example, some parents may be able to afford after school activities or swimming lessons for their children. This would put them ahead of other families who cannot afford the extra activities.
Symbolic Interactionism -
This can be seen in todays society where some young adults are able to afford nicer clothes or accessories than others. While some are unable to afford nice clothes, they may be excluded from friend groups.
Conflict Theory -
Some companies choose to not provide their employees with 401k or pension. By not doing this, they save themselves money. Although, it does hinder the employees.

Unfortunately, it may be difficult for someone who has not experienced an eating disorder to understand what someone with one is going though. They would need to relate it to something that the other person has experienced before for them to fully understand.

I do believe that study groups can be extremely beneficial as it allows more research and understanding of each group. An example of this would be our veterans. By doing a study group, it would allow for us to better understand what they need once coming back to the states.

Ethical standards ensure that everyone is being treated fairly.