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Discussion exercise

I would like to find representative Job in commercial aviation industry and work through a remote customer service environment stationed with telephone, computer and internet connectivity and be given the opportunity to assist customers with travel information and resolving customer problems such as flight cancellation.

My pass interaction was.professional one with food and beverage department manager in a well established hotel with the objective of selling company’s service in my capacity as clients/customer relations.The first step I have done was to impress client /customer by talking about the need for subscribing to our service and the benefits of it in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of his department operations. Customer often want to hear about the need and benefits of the product and not the features of the product as lessons from cust 105 unit taught us. In addition, I might use the lessons from cust 105 unit by fully giving attention to details to my client/Customer complaint about poor services he received from our competitors and emphatise with him and take charge of the situation.

As customer, I would like to receive more attention from customer service provider and be treated with respect . I would like my problem to resolve in a short space as possible.