Discussion Topic 1 -Exposure to art

I love art, I have been doing art since I was a kid.
I would draw a picture and frame it, then I would hang it
on my wall.
Then when I was older, I went to a small art gallery in my town, I loved it.


keep following your goals. I love music I love to sing I am on a choir I am a soprano

What has been your prior exposure to visual art?
Wow- i am well into the second half of my life and have had a love of art in various forms for most of it. My exposure is through attending galleries and museums, street art, native art and through photography.
I love the masters of the impressionist and post impressionist movements and try to use their compositional cues and light theory and apply it to my taking of and developing of digital media. Art is intrinsically wound up in the fibre of the creative ape, it is a visual language that transcends race or culture.

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My introduction to Art
As many kids do, I had drawn pictures in class and had occasionally gone on a class trip to an art museum. There was also a few friends and some family members who expressed thier particular artistic ability. Although, my earliest meaningful recollection was the day I had an emotional response while finding myself mesmerized upon looking at a fellow students painting. Prior to this day I hadn’t been affected in any remarkable way by a painting . I believe the reason this particular painting awoke my senses was because I saw my friend as an equall, so being his equal, it afforded me a sense of attainability of his artistic ability. It made perfect sense at the time. This was then immediately followed by a desire to create a painting of my own which hopefully would also cause an emotional response. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a natural artistic ability but I had confidence, determination, competitiveness, and a tenacity that helped me produce very capable looking work. Although to compare the two side by side, anyone with artistic sensibility could tell the difference. This was due in part because my art didn’t come from my heart or my own creativity. I know this now but then I thought it was because I wasn’t naturally gifted like he was. It took an awfully long time for me to realise that a person does not need to be naturally gifted to put forth art that is beautiful, amazing, provocative, emotional, etc… They simply need to practice honing there skills, and allow thier expression of art to be personal with substance. Once prepared and ready, set out on your own personal journey of artistic expression. Allow it to come from within and present it to the right audience.

BTW, back to my friends painting;
At first glance it seemed fairly simple. It was a sunset behind snow-capped mountains though what caught my attention was a stream which started at the lowest line of snow. The stream rushed forward serpentining its way down the Mountain side. Eventually reaching a point where it could no longer flow being forced to transform into a waterfall. It was at that point that it became a completely different experience for me. I began to see movement and shooting rays of all the colors in the Spectrum while others where dulled from a mist that I could almost feel. The water, choosing its path without concern of obstacles forced its way down the mountainside jumping and splashing everywhere as if it were excitedly playing while showing off it’s incredible power and force. Then completing it’s journey by smashing into the rocks below and slapping the water upon entery into the lake where it once again undergoes yet another transformation, though this time to a vast stillness of reflective nature.

I have not been exposed to art. I am open minded to the course and look forward to exploring different forms of art.

It is amazing how much art there is in a community. Lately I have been appreciating even the graffiti on passing train cars