Discussion Topic 1 -Exposure to art



I love art, I have been doing art since I was a kid.
I would draw a picture and frame it, then I would hang it
on my wall.
Then when I was older, I went to a small art gallery in my town, I loved it.


keep following your goals. I love music I love to sing I am on a choir I am a soprano


What has been your prior exposure to visual art?
Wow- i am well into the second half of my life and have had a love of art in various forms for most of it. My exposure is through attending galleries and museums, street art, native art and through photography.
I love the masters of the impressionist and post impressionist movements and try to use their compositional cues and light theory and apply it to my taking of and developing of digital media. Art is intrinsically wound up in the fibre of the creative ape, it is a visual language that transcends race or culture.