Distractors during work/studies


I have closely analysed top distractions among millennials during work/studies though not exhaustively. They include: social media platforms(face book,twitter,Instagram,watsap,emails,phone calls and messages etc),news/gossips especially on celebrities,movies(series and single),watching soccer,NBA and playing video/computer/PS games among others.

Some of the things we can consider as solution includes:
1). Separate self to seclusion in order to concentrate on work or study;
2). Filter whats important while working with technology;
3). Step outside for a walk or jog where possible instead of using social media to unwind;
4). Get enough rest or sleep to allow body to recover;
5). Eat healthy snacks and drinks to pump the body with necessary nutrients;
6). We can also stretch our bodies to boost blood circulation.


It is pretty well documented that the brain takes fifteen minutes to switch focus. People who say they multitask are wrong.