Do you think art is a gift?


Art is just like any other skill,some people are born with the natural ability for certain skills,while others are not.But just because you are not born with the ability does not mean you cant be good at in.You can be good at anything if you practice to be good at somethings does take deliberate practice.We do not need the innate ability to create art to be good artist while it is good and does not help,it is not necessity.


Q. Do I think art is a gift?

A. In my opinion, art is an amazing gift that can be carried out, performed, expressed and shown in many ways. In saying it is a gift, I believe it is more of an acquired gift that is developed based on one’s passion in the doing of any given activity. Practice definitely develops and improves skill and ability; however, true passion towards something is immeasurable and through one’s passion, something beautiful comes to life and this is what I define art to be.
If this question is referring to painted or drawn works of art specifically, I generally hold my view the same.
Would art somewhat be classified as any one thing or work an observer finds welcoming, uniform and extraordinary? Either way as long as sincere enjoyment is felt, that ability to ‘move someone’ is a gift entirely! : )