ECON101 Quizzes

Hi, I’m doing the micro and macro economics courses. I just finished the first section and took the quiz ( I was curious if there is a way that the answers can be provided. I could go and look up each question individually, but it would really help if there was some way the quizzes were graded. Am I just missing it?

Sigh…you are not missing anything! I think those quizzes used to return answers, but now take you to the textbooks’ landing page.

My honest recommendation, especially so early in the course, would be to jump over to ECON101-CLEP, which should be more stable and better supported on our end.

It adds in Saylor assessments at the ends of the units. It still does use the econ100 quizzes as well, though. Our ed team will have to look at those and make a determination of what to do (e.g. develop answers or abandon that particular resource).

Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks! I’ll head over to the CLEP course.

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The webmaster emailed me back really quickly from and said that the grading system should be back up within a couple days. Good news!

That’s good news on two fronts: that the resources will be back and that you actually managed to get a response from a website!

Although the quizzes aren’t massively exciting, they are still a worthwhile stimulus to ongoing revision.