Hey everybody, this is one assignment that I had to complete. I would like some feedback because I’ll have to write an essay at some point about it it’s kind of a rough draft outline… anyway all feedback is welcomed. Thank you in advance! The question is below.

Using the prewriting and writing techniques you have just reviewed, develop an outline for Essay I, based on the Unit’s topic: “What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?”

TOPIC: Being a successful Internet-based College Student can be challenging for some. It’s also a great reward to look forward to in the end.

Being able to discipline yourself will benefit you by allotting yourself time to be able to study, read, write, do homework, take test, etc.

The self-paced courses are the ones you undoubtedly have to set a regimen, regardless of how easy it may seem. .

It’s easy to put off assignments or reading, just because you don’t feel like it and not get penalized for it.

Especially since you take breaks anytime, you want to remember that each section is as important as the others. Therefore, to truly learn and retain the information you want to limit the break time to a minimum.

Time also plays a substantial part of being successful.

The amount of time you apportion to each unit depends on your current knowledge and what type of learner you are.

Effective computer skills and knowledge is needed to be able to go through any type of internet class or course.

1.  Computer and technology usage is literally     everywhere you go. 

A significant part of being successful in online classes, is to know what path you’re going to take.

Indecisive people tend to take a long time trying to figure out if this is something they want to further their education on.

With knowing your path, improves your length of time in school, saves money, provides more time in your future.


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Its good one but I think you were supposed to tell us on how you can manage your time because when you study online everything is under your control, for example when you don’t feel to do assignment, how can you motivate yourself to make sure you do.


Knowing what you want you can make this study .Fist of all, the fact that this study is done on the internet requires you to be a computer friend and to make this study the most important at that time.
To be a successful, you should have the will.
You must be discipline, you should know how to manage your time never procrastinate; never neglect anything in your studies.
Always focus on what you are doing, read a lot, study, do your home work .That will allow you to identify your weakness in order to strengthen them.
To get success in your internet-based college course you should be stand all, even when you fail a test. Try your best to be better, give all your attention to your studies