Eng001 - Writing an Introduction


Feel free to grade. I feel as though the sentences supporting my thesis could be better.

What would you think if I told you that you could be just as successful taking an online self-paced college course as you would at any regular institution? Taking a self-paced online course can sound intimidating for those who feel like they absolutely need and instructor or they would otherwise be lost. Often times than most people find themselves discouraged because they do not believe in their own abilities to complete what may appear to be a difficult task. I can promise you that as long as you equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tools, you can attain the valuable education that you deserve. There are four main points I would like to discuss further that will prove to be key to the success in any online course of study you chose. These four keys will facilitate you in your journey of attaining all the long-term education goals you have set for yourself.


Writing a conclusion

As expressed, the knowledge and tools that you now have are essential contributions in your path to your educational goals. Employing the use of the time management in conjunction with taking advantage of your own personal learning style will allow you to dominate any course you choose to take. Remember to galvanize yourself to your main objectives of your educational plan. And last, but certainly not least, exploit the online resources and support that you have constantly available to you. If at any point you find yourself apprehensive or despondent, remember you have now been equipped with the information that will allow you to subjugate any academic challenge you may face.


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