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ENG001 Writing a Essay


What would you think if I told you that you could be just as successful taking an online self-paced college course as you would at any regular institution? Taking a self-paced online course can sound intimidating for those who feel like they absolutely need and instructor or they would otherwise be lost. Frequently more people than some find themselves discouraged because they do not surmise in their own abilities to complete what may appear to be a difficult task. I encourage you to trust that as long as you commit to learning the proper knowledge and tools you require, you can attain the valuable education that you deserve. There are four main concepts I would like to discuss further that will prove to be indispensable to ensuring your success in any online course of study you chose. These four conceptions will facilitate you in your journey of attaining all the long-term education goals you have set for yourself.
One of the keys to succeeding when taking a self-paced Internet-based college course is possessing the appropriate time management skills. Unlike your general college course designed with a specific time frame in mind, self-paced courses allow you the flexibility to create your own schedule as you see fit. The ability to create your own schedule will only benefit academically if you are able to take advantage of the information available to you and utilize the proper time management in order to come out on top of your game. Craig Jarrow stated, “Time management shouldn’t take your time, but rather make extra time for you.” Explicating your time management ability will effectively benefit how well you learn to interpret whatever you choose to study.
The second key that will assist with you conquering your online self-paced course is knowing your own personal learning style. Although these courses are designed with a comprehensive amount of information, ultimately knowing how you learn will enable you to maximize your learning potential. Knowing how you learn is essential tools to conquering the stress and fear that is often times associated with self-paced online courses. Alternatively, knowing how you learn can also build your confidence in your course of study and break learning barriers that will, in turn, promote your success in your online course. “If you know your learning style, then you can study smarter, not harder”. When you are aware of your own distinctive learning style you will find yourself inspired by your own regard and incentive for learning.
One of the most significant things you must concede to ensure your success in your online course is the dedication to your overall goal. Often over the course of time, we can begin to become indifferent discouraged toward the classes we begin; but it’s important to remember to focus on creating new challenges for yourself. Among your new challenges, take the time to acknowledge and applaud accomplishments you have acquired for yourself thus far. “The first step is the hardest in every journey
of dreams. There is nothing else to fear unto whosoever has shown the tenacity to begin; because, once having started, the hardest part of the mission is the one lying behind.” Now that you have acknowledged you have taken your first step on the path down for scholastic future, be mindful that in between the large goals smaller goals have to be set. In more ways than one, taking an online self-paced course can be just as worthwhile as taking an on-campus course.
The benefit of taking an online course is the unlimited amount of resources and support you have available to you. A simple fact is that the internet has been used as a revolutionary tool to connect people and redefine the possibilities of the way we can learn for a long time. Accessibility to information from all over the world has grown astronomically over the past century. Utilizing the online tools you have available to you play a vital role your success in taking any online self-paced course. If at any event you needed help in any subject, the information is readily available online at your fingertips; Versus having to contact an instructor or begging another student for class notes.
As expressed, the knowledge and tools that you now have are essential contributions in your path to your educational goals. Employing the use of the time management in conjunction with taking advantage of your own personal learning style will allow you to dominate any course you choose to take. Remember to galvanize yourself to your main objectives of your educational plan. And last, but certainly not least, exploit the online resources and support that you have constantly available to you. If at any point you find yourself apprehensive or despondent, remember you have now been equipped with the information that will allow you to subjugate any academic challenge you may face.