Eng210-3.4 Getting to Know Your Audience-Exercise


1-List at least three demographic traits that apply to you. How does belonging to these demographic groups influence your perceptions and priorities? Share your thoughts with your classmates.
Three first three main demographic character I would be able to think are:
• I am Muslim: This would ease my communication with any Muslim when Islam is discussed, where does Muslim world face challenges, What practicing Muslims means? It starts with belief and is taken into real life dealings, how the true meaning of Islam can be explained to non-Muslims.
• I am Asian: Problems faced by Asian countries in governance, health and education, perception of being treated as third world countries, perception if not easily fitting in when migrating to European countries given the wide cultural differences.
• Educated: being educated in applied field, how the education, research levels are perceived to be not modernized, lack of facilities and challenges faced by new student, how advance fields are still not be recognized in our countries.
2-Think of two ways to learn more about your audience. Investigate them and share your findings with your classmates.
Try to get information on region, age group and education. The region will tell us about the main interest and lifestyle, age group will support in further knowing the interests of the audience and then education to let me chalk-out flow of my presentation.
3-Think of a new group you have joined, or a new activity you have become involved in. Did the activity or group have an influence on your perceptions? Explain the effects to your classmates.
Recently joined a new group of geologists who frequently visit geological sites in Pakistan. The group had people from rural and urban areas, although their economic conditions was similar, however within the group people from different region showed varying interest level. Few people from southern rural areas were more carrying for their physical outlook, well dressed, where people of central and northwest were more keen in technical aspects of the sites we were visiting.
4-When you started a new job or joined a new group, to some extent you learned a new language. Please think of at least three words that outsiders would not know and share them with the class and provide examples.
I started working in the Middle east and the first words you will almost always hear are
Yallah (which means let’s go or let’s do it)
La; Which means no
The above two words are Arabic.
However, another word which my British colleague used was “Bon Voyage “ expresses good wishes for someone who is about to set off on a journey. Basically, a French work but frequently used in English speaking countries.