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ENGL 001 Unit 1


What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?

I. Introduction: Living in the 21st century, it seems as though technology has become the world’s best friend…
a. Examples of technology
‎b. “How” technology relates to particularly education or internet based College courses
‎c. Thesis: Today, technology used for educational purposes such as internet based College courses could help students succeed by allowing learners to have more flexibility, self drive and overall increased personal development.

II. Flexibility
• Learners with children
• ‎Learners with jobs/employment
• ‎Learners with disabilities
• ‎Benefits of having flexibility while engaging in more than one commitment
• ‎Why Flexibility is such a key role for having success in an internet based College course.
• ‎Examples, Proof, Quotes & Evidence

III. Self Drive
• Importance of having self Drive/motivation
• ‎Examples of Self Drive
• ‎Why does self Drive play another key role for having success in an internet based College course?
• ‎Examples, Proof, Quotes & Evidence

IIII. Self Development
• Students effect of gaining self development
• ‎How self development impacts students, others around and the entire universe.
• ‎Explain how self development creates self esteem, more analytical thinking and possible influence.
• ‎Organization, Time Management, Cut off time for friends and family
• ‎Examples, Proof, Quotes & Evidence

IV. Conclusion
• Difference in society’s education (past and present)
• ‎Reillerate “Why” & “How” internet based College courses helps the overall student.
• ‎Reillerate the 3 key factors that helps students succeed in an internet based College courses.
• ‎Give logic, tone and voice to close.


Assignment: Create an outline for the topic question “What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course”?
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Do you need to indicate a specific Internet-based college course? Or just in general? Cause if you talk about something in particular, you need to change the structure of the assignment. If it’s ok to talk about different examples of tech and internet based courses, then you can check the examples in the paper by Morton Ann Gernsbacher or on paper writer website in section Internet Education.