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Development of technology has enabled education to be easily accessible. Education is important for the welfare of mankind. Now anyone with internet access can pursue higher education online from accredited institution while at his/her residential area.

Although technology has made it possible, this mode of learning need much commitment as compared to on campus mode of learning.

These are some of strategies to succeed with it.

Familiarize yourself with computer technology. You should have some knowledge with use some programs on computer, smartphone or tablet such as email and word processor. Since mode of learning is via internet these program will be useful to your daily study.

Time management. You have to schedule time table for watching video lesson, study written lesson, revise and do quizzes. If you finish studying earlier and revise its to identify your strength and weakness, and deals with area you are weak at.

Participate in online discussion via forums and groups. This will enable you to share ideas with others, ask questions which may be difficult for you and answer questions from other member. When you are answer questions from other members your knowldege tend to increase. Also during participation you will learn some techniques used by others to pursue and succeed with education.

Do as many quizzes as possible, its best way to identify where you need to revise as much as possible. Also you should look for materials from other sources to widen your knowledge on specific topic or course.

Ask for advice or help. When you come across difficult issue during your studies, you have to ask your advisor or teacher for help. They will give you guidance to solve particular problem and help you achieve maximum performance you can during your studies.

Set goals and stick on it. You have to set what you want to achieve on your studies, this will give you direction, and set some strategies to achieve it. Also it will make you disciplinary and self control

To conclude, internet has played its role to bring higher education right where we live, now its our turn to play our part by using this opportunity effectively for betterment of our livelihood.


What advantages can you see by approaching a decision with a rhetorical?

The rhetorical perspective is approaching by human experience that theory requires thinking. Rhetorical perspective can have many advantages when you approaching a decision with .Theory it’s self usually takes a different view.
That can have a lot’s of advantage, but that will be by the way you take it, a perspective can have many option in those option you should set your mind up and pick the best. Most of the part this theory allows us to get more influence by doing things stage and overtime. Perspective is an appearance of viewed, it’s also a particular attitude to ward of regarding things and rhetorical is relating to or making a statement rather than to elicit information.
One of the advantage of this that can permit people to make good decision because they can examine the problem, so if the problem have been examined so it’s could be solve by one a by a another option .The same applies for the audience, approaching a decision with rhetorical perspective .This can be useful because someone think that what goes without saying goes even better with saying bringing everyday discourse closer for a more detailed look is almost always rewarding.
In sum, this particular way to think and make a decision is right .More you know more you do good, rhetorical perspective in fact make word very interesting on giving us a new view of it.


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