ENGL101 - No more exam/proctor/Direct Credit


I noticed ENGL101 no longer has the proctor. :frowning: When was this removed?

Hi @nickburrus ,

( Usual Disclaimer: I do NOT work at/for Saylor. I’m just another student here ).

Saylor’s ENGL101 course is “Introduction to Literary Studies” - https://legacy.saylor.org/engl101/Intro/ - which is a “Legacy” course (and NOT an “Active” / “Current” course. Active/current courses are available at https://learn.saylor.org/). Is “ENGL101” really the course you’re referring to?

The “Legacy Courseware ” (static) web site - https://legacy.saylor.org/ - is the place where Saylor keeps courses that “are inactive but available as a resource for self-directed learning”.

You may find the following Official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page about the “Legacy Courseware” to be very informative:

As you may see in that FAQ, “Legacy Courses ” are “courses that are open for learning but that are not actively maintained ▸▸▸ LEGACY COURSES NO LONGER ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION.”.

Ric you should work for Saylor and maybe things would work right.

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