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ENGL406 James Joyce follow up?


Hello everyone.
Before beginning this J Joyce unit, I would like to know if there is/will be a follow up to this study.
Also is there a subunit missing or is it the numbering that’s questionable? Where is 1.3.1.
Thanks for your help.


Oh my! That’s what happens when you don’t proof. mea culpa…
There is no discrepancy in the numbering schema: 1.3.1. exists!
However, my request for further information/follow up to this Joyce unit still stands…
Thanks again.


Hi Rim, I am sorry for the formatting oddities of this legacy course! This course on Joyce is kind of a stand-alone study of a transformative figure in literature.

The ENGL406 course on Joyce is pre-figured, as it were, by the course ENGL204: Cultural and Literary Expression in Modernity, particular Unit 4 of that course.

As one of our “legacy” courses, ENGL406 is in a state of wakeful slumber. Our sole active literature course is quite a distance from Joyce and his brand of Modernism. ENGL405: The American Renaissance focuses on American literature of the mid-19th century.