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How to succeed in taking an online based college class 

In order to succeed in an online based college class you have to have good time management, a quiet place to study, a study schedule, shut off technology, and take your own notes.

When taking an online college class you will need to manage your time wisely, because you don’t have a set class time that you have to be at school. When doing an online class you need to sit down and work on your class assignments. You can make a certain time every day and work on a particular course. While taking an online college class you need to remember that class time and study time are different times, it may feel like it is all one time but you need to break it up between sit down for classes and sit down 

to study. For every credit hour of a course you are taking you need to study for four hours that means if you’re taking a three hour credit college course you will need to study for twelve hours outside your class time.

You also need to have a study space so you can take your classes, so you can have that space to study and take your classes. All of your school things would be in one place. You need to choose one space to work on your school and like it, because that’s where you are going to be doing a lot of studying. You need to keep your study space clean or as messy as you would like it depending on your study habits. In order to not get tired of studying it is best that every thirty to sixty minutes you take a ten minute break.

Before you start any of your classes you need to make a schedule and stick to it because that way you could succeed in your classes. When making a study schedule look at all of your classes and schedule the harder ones first so you can get them out of the way first. After looking to see the courses you are taking fill in the study blocks into the schedule and during those times study. Look at all of your assignments for the week and write them in a planner or on a calendar so you can have easy access to it during that 


When you sit down to take an online college class you need to shut the technology off because it can be distracting. You should only use the technology for study purposes only. You need to stay off of social media during your class and study times, if you were in a brick and mortar class you couldn’t just pull your phone and get on it. You need to treat your class time has if you were in an actual in person class.

Overall when taking an online college class you need to prepare for your online classes at the beginning of the week by writing down all of your assignments for the week and just get down with doing them. Spending the right amount of time is also important while doing classes online.

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