English as second language mbc

Learn English as a second language

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Hi! For me, English is already as our second language. Who you are or what country are you come from, but when you speak English or know how to speak English even in a little or in basic, surely each of us have understand on what we want to.

:grinning: If you completed the ENG000 course you are not learning English as a second language you are actually learning English as a native speaker.

Hi my name is enatnesh Elias I’m interested in English as a second language l came from Ethiopia I can speak Amharic and a little English

Hi! Enatnesh Elias. How are you? All of us here wants to enhance our English language and learn more English vocabulary. Just enjoy your reading and have conversation and reply to others because through that exchanging and having communication with others we will learn and get some ideas. Have a great day to all of us.

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تعلم اللغه الانجليزيه كلغه تانيه

Hi i m shamim. I come from Bangladesh. I want to develop my English skills. And i want to speak English fluently. So i need a partner with whom i can speak English

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