English composition 2 introduction


Hi my name is Rebecca, 23 years, taking English comp 2 to get credit for a university I’m starting online so I can get my business ungrad degree. I’m a bit confuse how the course goes but learning. I’m doing on my on time but still looking for a temporary job.


Hi Rebeccaa - Which university are you looking to attend?


Hello. Have you figured out how the Eng comp 2 works yet? I did and Eng Comp 1 through a different provider so I am finding this one bit confusing. Am I supposed to be working on an essay starting at Unit 1? IT sounds as though people are working off of one from the Eng Comp 1 course, but what if you didn’t take it? Can you construct a different one?


i believe you can jstokes320@ but for me to be safe i went an applied for eng comp 1 just to be safe.