English Courses to WGU

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone have successfully transferred ENGL001, ENGL002, COMM001-101, ENGL210 from Saylor Academy to WGU
Based on the partner equivalency on the link provided below:
English Composition I is equivalent to Saylor - ENGL001
English Composition II is equivalent to Saylor - ENGL002
Introduction to Communication is equivalent to Saylor - COMM001, COMM101
Technical Communication is equivalent to Saylor - ENGL210

To my understanding all of the English courses at Saylor have no ACE accreditation. But I am just curious as to why this is transferable to WGU.

Hello! A few important points.

  1. The partners.wgu.edu link is a WGU web page and Saylor has no control over what is on it.
  2. We will ask WGU why they added all those courses there but it may take some time to get a response.
  3. ENGL001 and ENGL201 are now ACE recommended for credit (but we’re not quite ready for the exam set up yet). COMM001 is also ACE recommended. All our ACE recommendations are listed here:

We hope to add further info soon.