ENVS203: 3.1.2 Discussion



In a brief paragraph, explain what Earth Day means to you and how you can apply this to your daily activities. Give specific examples on what you currently do to help. What possible activities you could do in the future to help more?


Earth Day could be interpreted in a dissimilar way from each individual. Some may say, it’s simply a celebration like the rest that shown on a years calendar, such as the New Year’s Eve, festivals, or public holidays. If we consider that humanity is responsible for the pollution and other destructions have ever caused in the world’s history until now, then it’s such grievous and obvious the fact that most of us have lost our connection with the earth ( nature,ground, human relationships). Although, many teams have started to growing plants for their community,neighborhood, during the celebration of Earth’s Day to make their environment more sustainable- Green Cities (energy, oxygen) and beautiful (decoration), in the same way, others, during this day they have a different activity, perspective, or just another philosophical view- They applying to a numerous of daily activities to occupy the earth because they wish so or they want to get profit from fruition.
In contrast with having an outcome by planting or gardening, there is a belief in which the earth can be very generous to a protective human being. Actually, there is a religious interaction between a person with the Earth; As they bound together, a human being impersonates the Earth to be an ultimate female deity. Fruition, seems to be the major sign from which we recognize Earth’s gender. Her name Gaia from the Greek Γαια, the mother of all, according to mythologies. The name may be varying depending to the Irish, Scandinavian, or other mythologies. Volcanoes and earthquakes are mostly the two significant but scary expressions of our Mother Earth. Is this a ‘punishment’ because we don’t employ our earth as we ought to have been? Or it has to do with science? Because in science the punishment isn’t alike with one of a religion’s, and throughout all the evidences that we have got from Bible or other ancient sources.

Summarizing my thoughts, it’s very interesting to have in addition another some kind of ‘religion’ on our calendar! Because it sounds like a day which a spirit has to be invoked! As for a possible activitity, It would be a very pleasant activity to plant rosemaries because I like them, and I would wait for a miracle to happen.This is what simply I would like to do. Also, it is said that a tree owns a spirit! April 22, what a day!


I’m not taking this course (yet!) but was moved to respond. I remember Earth Day being much more meaningful to me when I was in grade school, for at least a few reasons: Earth Day easily lends itself to activities, which are great for students; Earth Day suggests individual empowerment as part of collective, concentrated action toward big-picture goals; other reasons I could think of, I’m sure.

As a child, Earth Day was about small, discrete actions: take shorter showers. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth. Install energy-efficient light bulbs. Ride a bike or take public transit rather than drive a car.

As an adult, I don’t perceive that we take Earth Day very seriously, other than the fact that the news media will put out more feature articles, op-eds, etc. related to environmentalism, conservation, climate change, etc.

I wonder if, by turning Earth Day into a holiday, of sorts, we inadvertently limit its impact or make it something more for children, like the spring equivalent of Halloween (here in the US, at least).

On the positive side, though, individual actions turn into group activities, and group activities slowly change the culture, one hopes, for the better. To answer the question, then, it seems to me that individual good habits are important, but the way to help is to be conscious of conservation and good stewardship/citizenship of the world all year. Good individual habits can help you to do that, certainly.

This is actually why I chose to reply to this at all :slight_smile:
When I was small, we had a whole patch of rosemary in the yard – more than we could ever have eaten/used. It smelled amazing on warm days…and was where we could usually find our cat.


I’m not enrolled either! Although, I knew that the course indicator has to do with the environment I couldn’t understand how it relates to philosophy and maybe to religion.
I had had also a rosemary tree and had bought also an essential rosemary oil for my collection.

Halloween? Oh my! An experience that I won’t never forget. I couldn’t have imagined what is going to happen. I should have!

Actually, I never had a car! All my life have been using a bicycle and transportation.


For me personally Earth Day does not mean that much. I have studied environmental resource management and are trying to make a career out of it, so I am working with the environment every day. However, Earth Day does bring a lot of attention to the environmental problems which is needed to motivate the politicians to look beyond their short term goals (of getting reelected) and hopefully do something about the problem.


I think there was a level of eloquence in the way Gaylord Nelson was able to plan the first Earth Day that should be used to motivate others as often as possible. What he did was he found an important topic and brought it to mainstream attention, then stepped out of the way to let individuals with unique concerns do the rest. Now knowing the context of the first Earth Day, I’d say it means a lot more to me than just saving the environment because he found a way to generate action in a time when the politicians were apathetic and the public was antsy, and he had the humility to step back and let it unfold.

I’ll make the personal examples quick: I turn off the water while using soap in the shower, compost scraps from cooking, and I could eventually do my own hydroponic farming to reduce the amount of produce I buy from the store.


I totally understand the sentiment of Earth Day not meaning much. Yes, attention has been brought to the powers that prove to be with dilute political motives.


3-1-2 Discussion: Earth Day

  1. What does Earth Day mean to me?
    I was amazed at the world opened via the video presentations of “Earth Day 1970”. I had no idea that such a vibrant, explosive people movement had emerged to support a sustainable earth strategy.

  2. How can I apply the lessons of Earth Day to my daily activities? What can I currently do to help?
    a) I can insure that we use electrical utilities efficiently in lighting and electrical heat. This calls for the use of washer and dryer usage at off peak times.
    b) I can recycle clothing that is no longer needed and distribute these to the needy.
    c) I can use my bike to carry out errands to save fuel and cut down on harmful gas emissions.
    d) In the summer, I can water the lawn only when there is a severe need.

  3. What are the activities I might consider to promote the work of the Earth Day Movement?
    a) I could volunteer to make presentations at the neighborhood elementary schools on the need to take care of the earth.
    b) I could join the group opposed to the establishment of a ferrochrome plant in our city.
    c) I could research the data obtained through the freedom of information act to study and disseminate information about pollution emitted from the Essar Steel Company.
    d) I can organize a movement to collect computers, printers and cell phones that are no longer used and direct these to electronic recycling sites.


Earth Day to me is very important. We are in a time where we have evolved so much and are realizing we only have one planet to live on. To me it is important to always do the little things. I recycle at my school daily and do it at my home. I also will try not to litter by holding my trash until I can find a place to put it and also try to use alternative fuels instead of fossil fuels. I could try solar power in the future when it becomes more available. I’m in a very small town and we don’t have solar power yet but we do have a wind plant not that far from us.


The earth right now is all we’ve got in the form of perpetuating our living and existence as a species on this planet. Evidently our planet has suffered irreparable consequences of our actions throughout the millennial. If this is a damage limitation era that we live in, and it does seem so, then there needs to arise a universal understanding of what we have indeed done to our home and what we can do to prevent any further damage in order for us to sustain ourselves on all we have and for the generations to come and as a species to elevate ourselves in moral and ethical code to survive as a species and on this rock, who knows perhaps one day unite…Imagine that …John Lennon got it right.


Earth day does not have a lot of significance to me personally. However, there are certainly things I can do to help the Earth. Right now, I can minimize my waste and recreational pollution. I can also help by cleaning up any potential pollution I see happening, like litter in the street. In the future, I will do my best to live in moderation. I want to avoid the cheap things that break often and live for what really matters. In my life, that is my Faith as a Christian and my family. I want to preserve the Earth for my children, and in accordance with the good stewardship required by my Faith.


After reading and listening to the recording. A more conscious decision will be made regarding the items that are purchased along with the items discarded