Error on section 2 quiz in college algebra


There is an error on the unit two quiz were it asks about elevator weight the quiz says the answer is 4 but the answer should be 8. the quiz question goes like this an elevator can hold 1205 pounds. There already 4 people with an average weight of 135 pounds how many people can fit in the elevator. Well they say the answer is 4 which it is not. The answer is 8 people. the average persons weight times 8 people comes to 1080 if you did nine peopleit would exceed the weight. Many of the quiz questions are flawed.


In this case, the question says, “how many other people can get into the elevator?” Four additional people could get in, for a total of 8.

If we said “additional” rather than “other”, it might stand out more.

I dislike this question for a different reason, though – the unstated assumption is that each new additional person would have to weigh, on average, 135 pounds. Certainly, quite a lot of 80 pound children could safely climb aboard the elevator, while only one or two 2 meter tall adults could safely join the party. The question ought to say something like, “If the average weight of the people on the elevator doesn’t exceed 135 pounds, how many additional people could ride?” or “How many additional people could fit on the elevator, if the final average weight remains 135 pounds?”

We’ll make a change! If there are other problesm you want to bring to our attention, just let me know!