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ESL Live Series - Session 9 Homework

What is a goal that you have? It could be related to sports, schooling, or something in your personal life.

Write a few sentences about the steps that you are taking to reach your goal.

I have a goal to speak English fluently.With the help of Saylor Academy’s different courses of English language I’m trying hard to learn English very well. Everyday I study for one hour. I learn different units and give evaluation tests. I join every week session.
I listen every day to English news, I also read English news paper, books to expand my vocabulary. Every day i try to learn a new word from dictionary. I made notes for every session so I improve my English grammar.


Thanks for sharing your response to this week’s homework assignment, well done! :slight_smile: Some tips to improve your writing at this level:

  • Don’t forget to capitalize the pronoun “I”, every time you use it (e.g., Every day I try to learn a new word from dictionary)

  • Make sure to use the present simple tense to talk about a regular habit (e.g., I take notes for every session - we use the verb “take” to talk about writing notes in class.)

Keep up the good work! See you at next week’s Live Session :smiley:

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One of my goals is to be an online English teacher. While browsing at the internet to check for the availability of the job, I came across the free courses being introduced by Saylor and noted that there are ESL online courses being offered. So, I decided to enroll myself in the first course - ESL001: Beginning Lower-Intermediate English as a Second Language. A daily activity is done to study each unit and complete the given exercises. The weekly live conferences scheduled by Saylor are also very helpful as these provide additional learning to the online lessons. I hope to finish this course and complete the other ESL courses for me to be an effective and efficient English online teacher.


Am glad to be here,my goal is to speak English language fluently, between now and December, please I just need activities to grow my english speaking and hearing.

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Thanks for your message! We are happy that you found Saylor Academy’s ESL courses to help you improve your English language skills :slight_smile: Our courses are designed to help you develop your reading and writing skills, but we hope that the Live Sessions will help you with your listening skills, too. For more speaking and listening practice, I recommend apps like Duolingo (to help you practice listening and pronunciation) and HelloTalk (to help you communicate with native speakers). I personally love HelloTalk! Good luck and happy learning! :sparkles: