ESL001: Expand Your Vocabulary



Pick a strategy to build your vocabulary


I see that the most useful strategy to expand our vocabulary is by reading books a lot of books.


To build my vocabulary, i use many strategies:
1- i use the “duolingo” apk
2- i read some books in english


Yes, reading is a very good strategy to build your vocabulary.


Yes, both Duolingo and reading books are good strategies to improve your vocabulary.


Using Duolingo for a while helped me a lot
Watching English TV shows with subtitle in English


Read Books That’s help you to improve your vocabluary
And search In the dictionnairy


I have my own strategy to memorize new words in addition reading can help me catch many new words.


For me the most useful strategies that works to expand my vocabulary are dictionary and by using the new words either by creating sentences or using them in conversation.


Reading and using a dictionary is good as a strategy to expand our vocabulary.


I read books to enrich my vocabulary.


to improve my english I read books and use dictionary.


reading books , movies and music


to improve my vocabulary i watch a moveis with subtitle


Play and have fun
Learn a new word aday
Use dictionary
Read stories


my strategy to build my vocab is to read books in different genres


reading books and listening music and watching movies,


Reading voraciously… I can’t help but read as my job entails this on a daily basis