ESL001: Expand Your Vocabulary



the most successful strategy to increase my vocabulary is to used to read a many english books and watch alot of english movies


I will read a lot of books, starting with books in my level. Every time I find a word that I don’t know its meaning I will
1- Write down this word with definition
2- Use it in an example.
3- Write its synonym.
4- Write some family word.


To expand my vocabulary, I read a lot and see words that I don’t understand in the dictionary.


speak english everyday even though English is my native language


Read books
Maintain a personal lexicon
Use dictionary


in my opinion to learn a language communication is the best strategy.


I believe reading out load in English is the best way to improve English Language.


Reading divers books.


My Strategy is watching mouvies in English.


There are lots of great advice in the “Strategies to Improve Your Vocabulary” text.

In my case, what I usually do is read e-books, written in English, using an e-reader that has an integrated Dictionary and Encyclopedia. Every time that I stumble across a word that is unfamiliar to me, I highlight it and read the definition(s) in the integrated Dictionary. After having read the “Strategies to Improve Your Vocabulary” text, I think that a worthy “upgrade” of my strategy would be to also write down those unfamiliar words and the corresponding definitions in flash cards (and to test myself periodically on those words and definitions), and also to try to use those words in documents that I write.


To build my vocabulary,i use many strategies:
dictionary , books in english, internet …



Reading out loud is a wonderful strategy to help you learn to read smoothly and build fluency skills. It also improves your spelling because you are sounding out words. :sunglasses:


Hi aklibouchemla!

Watching movies with subtitles will help you to understand what is going on in the story, while you get used to hearing English conversation and dialogues of various lengths. :tv:


Make Friends with the Dictionary


The word is like a living organism, it needs its environment to live (the phrase). I mean gather the word with his meaning in the sentence leads to know easily. The advice of making something that made you remember is the best way to stable your level.


To improve my vocabulary, I use many strategies as follows:

  1. Have fun with game and quizzes in Merriam-Webster site
  2. Read news from VOA learning English
  3. Find new word in Onelook site


There is a many useful ways to get a new vocabularies such as meeting some people that can speak english as a native and start talking with them it’s a perfect way to improve your english. Another way is trying to take a courses of english it’s also a great way to improve your english amd get more vocabularies.


I expand my vocabulary by reading English novels, newspaper and by watching films. Also, I feel that through conversation one can gain new words everyday


to build you vocabulary you need to use some strategies like
_watch a lot of english movies
_communicate with people who speak english


To build my vocabulary i would read books everyday