ESL001: Expand Your Vocabulary



The best strategy is to read books ; watch movie and use the dicitonary


reading books is the most method to enhance our vocabulary fast


For me the best way of learning English is to read books , watch movies and use the dicitonary.


My favorit strategy to build my vocabulary is to choose at least five words a day from my readings and seach them on th dictionnary.


Use it or lose it


i think watch movies and series improve English also listen to music lyrics develop the pronunciation and without forget importance of integration English in our life


watching a movie with a english subtitle may be ?


read book and write down the difficult words
watch a lot of movies and series
write synonyms for each word


To build my vocabulary, i use different strategies…
My favorite one is to watch youtube videos in English it’s superb…
and also i think apps like duolingo is good…


to improve my vocabulary i use differnt strategies like i used to watch english movies with subtitles.


Reading is good way to start learning new words. More you read the more you learn new words.


play games like story games and i try to understand the words and the story
and i use dictionary is called longman i like him really


Planing to expand my vocabulary through:
*Reading books and marking the words that I do not understand so I can look them up later.
*By watching English movies with subtitles.


to build my vocabiulary i use many ways ;

  • i read some books
  • i listening a lot by see the movies withouth translating
  • search for many new articles


to improve my vocabalary I listen to music, read books and newspaper, and surf the in ternet.


I learnt that mobile apps can provide the same education as provided in a physical classroom.
My English improved a lot by completing the webquest.
I learnt other meanings of the word application. Hybrid was another new word I learnt.


reading is the most powerful strategy to build my vocabulary.


a strategy would be to listen to groin music


If I choose astrategy to build my own vocabulary, it will improve my English by conversation.


If I choose a strategy to build my vocabulary, it will improve by conversation.