ESL001: Expand Your Vocabulary



to improve my vocabulary I talk to my friend who speak well I learned new words and also try to learn new words and use it in a daily conversataion.


i improve my english by learning one word a day ,read it, right it down and use it in daily life
its really useful strategie


to me, the best strategy to build your vocabularies is reading books and magazines in your field,
exp: architect, engineering, science, literature, …etc


read, read, read, read, read, read, read, …


learn one new word a day on Merriam. I’m gonna make friend with the dictionary Oxford. play and have fun on merriam too.


to build a vocabulary:
by reading book
search more in internet or library
and scan a dictionary


I pick two most powerful strategies that work with me :
1st is reading anything and about everything in the language that you want to learn . ( because through you reading any topic you will travel through each one you’ve read ) .
2nd is through the learning process , not getting away from the process and following it carfully .( because without following a process we will gain nothing ,we 're humain beings and we forget faster . )


I read books and conected with peaple and WATCHING movies and listing to the music


concerning the WebQuest , I wanna share with you my answers ;

  • I learned a lot of mobile apps , specially that they are useful in the education of kids through songs …ect.
  • My English did improve by completing this webquest through reading the whole articles and gaining new vocabulary related to technology and the world of apps .
  • I learned new word for example ;prevlant because I wasn’t really sure about the meaning in the past .
    Thank you


To build my vocabulary, i use many strategies
i learn new words and writ it done in my block note
use the dictionary to have the good meaning of it
i use the new words with my family in order not to forget what i leran befor


when i see a strange word i look for the definition , then i try to but it in a phrase so i can remember it


1.I learned that mobile app can be useful in our daily life and can make our life much more easier .
2.Actually i learned a lot of vocabulary that i can use in a discussion about webquest.
3. I learned the word scavenger that means a person or animal or insect who takes what others have left or thrown away .


My strategy to build my vocabulary is Drops English. I learn new vocabulary everyday.
I will thinking read an English book.


The strategy that got my attention is use it or lose it.
The more we use the new word in different contexts, the more we remember it


I read some book ,and i use memorise app.
is actually a good strategy to build your vocabulary.
today i learn many new word like : aggregate-enhance…


In my opinion the best ways to expand our vocabulary is to read books , watch english movies with subtitles and try to talk with american or canadian friends by social media


The most effective way to improve my vocabulary is by reading educational books and checking up new words on the dictionary.I also learn a new word everyday by following “Word of the day” from my online dictionary.


I watched the videos in English, specially in TED videos.


the strategy I use most is watching cartoons and recipes and lot of other videos in English


I improve my English by watching japanese anime by translation with using dictionary and remember