ESL001: Expand Your Vocabulary



i use many strategies :

  • dictionary
  • try to make reading books in english a habit for me
  • i use DROPS as an application


I read English news everyday to build my vocabulary.


i use reading and listening and i try always to practice the new words that i learn
the book that i read now it’s hard times written by Charles Dickens


i learned that mobile application has many benefits like :application of scince.2_i improve english by1_webquest because i understand many vocabulary own this domain.i learn for webqust’s wordes


I should read every day, and create my own dictionary to review.


I read books to enrich my vocabulary


To improve my vocabulary I listen to songs and translate the words.


The most important thing to built a strong vocabulary ans improve a new foreign language is by reading a lot of books and see movies without subititles : that s will hope us to fix new words


My best strategy to build vocabulary it is to read interesting book and write every single word which is new for me and try to put them in a sentences .


I fined all that strategies, are very usful for improving my vocabulary.


Strategy to build my vocabulary is :

  • read voraciously

  • use the dictionary

  • use it or lost it

  • learn the new words a day

  • understand the true meaning of words

  • leverage every resouse you can to improve your vocabulary


Hi, l am Hamid from Algeria.
I speak both French and Arabic and a little English, + few words of spanish


For me the best strategy to expand my vocabulary is reading a lot and use dictionary and watch movies in English and listening, video games helps too.


The strategies that i use to improve my vocabulary are:

  • firstly, reading books and trying to summarize it in order to memorise the new vocabularies in each book.
    -secondly, watching videos with subtitles such as TED, short movies…
    -practice new words in conversations.


For me, the most powerful strategies are :slight_smile:

  • Reading books and novels
  • Watching english movies with delayed subtitles
  • practice english with friends