ESL001: Introduce Yourself



hey , i’m zoubida from Morocco.
i’m 18 yrs old i can speak Arabic french and English .
I’m here to improve my English .


Hello, my name is Soumia . my nationality is Algerian . i can speak Arabic , French and little of English .


Hi!My name is Manar . My nationality is Algerian. Ican speak Arabic , a little bit of French and English.


My name is Hassine.
I am Tunisian.
I speak Arabic, French and a little bit English.


hi everyone My name is Sifou , I’m Algerian and i live in Algeria , I can speak frensh,arabic and english , and this is my first topic


My name is younes .
I am nine ten years old.
I can speak french and a little English.
my nationality is Moroccan.


Hi my name is yassine maaroufi im morrocan and i speak arabic berber frensh and english


my name is yassine maaroufi im morrocan and i speak arabic french english


My name is Marwa, I’am from Tunisia. Ma nationality is Tunisian. I speak arabic, french, and a little english.


my name is Abdikadir
i amd somalian
i do speak three languages


My Name is abdelaziz, I’m Algerian and I speak arabic and french


hi i am sara
i am algerian
i speak arabic french and english


Hello everyone
I’m Ahcene
I’m Algerian
I speak Arabic, a little English and Friench.


Hi my name is hussein
I’m Iraqian
I speak Arabic and english


My name is ahmed
i’m algerian
i can speak arabic english spanish And a little German

Introducing myself at ESL001

My Name Is Sonal Rai .My nationality is Indian.
I speak English and Hindi


My name is Heba, I am Lebanese.
I speak Arabic, English and a little French.


My name is Heba, I am Lebanese and living in Ghana.
I speak Arabic , English and little French.
I would like to practice my English language with you.


My name is Shamin. I am a Filipino. I speak Filipino and English.


My name is Basim. Greeting to every one✋