ESL001: Introduce Yourself



My name is Ismail.
I’m twenty years old. I’m from Morocco.
My nationality is Moroccan.
I can speak Spanish and French and a little English.


Hello everyone,
My name is Meriem.i’m twenty nine years old. i com from Algeria .My nationality is algerian .
i can speak Arabic an a little French and English.


my name is ilyass i am moroccan i speak arabic and little english


My name is ilyass, I’m twenty-one years old.
My nationality is Moroccan.
I speak arabic and little English


Hello ^__^…
My name is Yassine, im From Algeria :algeria:, I speak arabic and little English I am excited to learn English more and, I love game of thrones :rofl:


Game Of Thrones :heart_eyes:


My name is meriem, i’m twenty three years old, i’m from Morocco,i speak arabic, french, and english.


my name Dalia
im seven_teen years old
my nationality is egyption
I speak arabic english and little germany


Hi, my name is Destri. I am Indonesian, i am twenty seven years old. I speak Indonesia language, and little English. Can i learn in here?


Hello everyone
My name is saja basheer
I am Iraqi
I can speak Arapic and a little English


Hi Yassine! I love Game of Thrones too!


Hello Destri! How are you? Welcome to ESL001! You will have fun learning English in this course :slightly_smiling_face:.


My name is Bellot
I am moroccan
I speak arabic




My name is Taha. I am Algerian. I speak Arabic and a little English.


Welcome to Saylor Academy -we hope you enjoy the course. We are building more English courses as well so stay tuned!


Welcome Taha!!


Welcome Bellot - we are glad you are here!


Hi Destri - Yes, we think we can help you learn English. Have you signed up for the English course yet?


welcome Jeff-Davidson