ESL001: Introduce Yourself



Hi !
My name is Samia . I come from Morocco . I can speak Arabic,French and English.


Hello guys, My name is Joao vitor and actually I’m living in Brazil; thefore, I’m capable to talk to foreign people out of any problem but trying to improve and reach my best level


1-My name is ABDERRAHANE

2-My nationality is morrocain

3-I speak ARABIC and FRENCH


Hello everyone,
My name is Myint Myat Zaw. I’m Burma. I’m from Myanmar. I can speak Burmese very well but I can’t speak English well. Wherever, nice to meet you.Than

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your nationality?
  3. What languages do you speak?


My name is Mohamed. I’m twenty-four years old. I come from Morocco. My nationality is Moroccan. I can speak Arabic, french and a little English.


Hi Mr eliwa

I m abderrahmane frome morrocco , i am verry happy to knew you


Hello , My Name Is Abde El Samie .
And Im From Algeria .
and I want to learn english To increase my skills.
thanx for accepted me to be one of you <3


hey my name is hana . i am algerian . i speak arabic, french and english


Hi friends my name is Abde El Samie. I’m algerian . and I speak arabic, french and english



My name is abderrahmane i frome in oujda in morroco i am thirty-nine years old i speak arabic french and a littele english i m tall and good looking i have a short black hair and grew eyes i am so verry happy to knew evreyone


Hello .iam Mohamd Nadjib , iam Algerian ,i speak arabic and english .


my name is paola. I am a colombian.
I’m learning English


My name is Paola. I am colombian.
I’m learning English


Hello. My name is Ei Myat Noe Oo. I’m from Myanmar. I can speak Burmese, Japanese and a little English. Nice to meet you all.


Hello!! My name is Abdelilah. I’m from Morocco. im 19 years old. i speak arabic and a little french.


Hello everyone,
My name is Lavilla and i am from Philippines.
I can speak Filipino and english as well.


Hello everyone,
My name is Lavilla, and i am a filipino living in the Philippines. I speak tagalog language and english as well.


My name is Ayşe Nur. My nationality is Turkey. I can speak Turkish and a little English.


My name’s aya + My nationality in moroccan + I can speak arabic frensh and english