ESL001: Introduce Yourself



my name is aya and my nationality is moroccan and i can speak arabic


Good morning, my name is Kevens, i borned at Haiti. I speak french and creole.


Hi Jephte, it’s a pleasure to meet you.


Hey Guys! :blush:
My name is Jéssica Neres, I am Brazilian. I am 20 years old.
I speak Portuguese, English and I am learning French and Spanish. I love studying and meeting new people. :books: :heart:


1 my name is benslama Abdelkarim
2 im from algeria


Hi to all, well, My name is Salvator Djuma. I’m twenty -six years old . I come from Democratic Republic of the Congo but i do live in Mexico city six years ago. I’m congolese and can speak perfectly spanish, french, swahili, lingala, english and a little a bit italian . Nice to meet this discussion group


My name is RAIS IBRAHIM, I’m moroccan and I speak arab, french and little english


My name is Ibrahim, i’m moroccan and i speak french and little english


My name is manal el maâchi , i’m from morocco and i speak french , arabic, and english a little bit


My name is Abdellah , i’m moroccan , i speak arabic as an original language and i speak a bit of french and English


Hello I am Mounir from Morocco. I speak Arabic and French


My name is iliass, i come from morocco and i’m morrocan.
i speak arabic, italian, little English and french.


My name is sabri khalid .
I’m Palestinian .
I am speaking arabic .


HELLO my name is Zahra I’m Algerian , I speak Arabic, french and little bit English


My name is Ayoub, I’m Moroccan, i speak English and a little bit of French.


My name is Zahra , Im algerian , I speak Arabic,French,English


my name is imad, I’m from morocco, I speak arabic and french.


my name is imad
I’m from morocco
I speak arabic and french


My name is Hassiba
my nationality algerian
I can speak arabic french ,turkish and a little english.


Hello, my name is Moussa, i am 23. I am Algerian, i speak Arabic, English and French.