ESL001: Introduce Yourself



My name is Nuha. I’m 23 years old. My nationality is Iraqi. I spoke Arabic and a little English. I live in Baghdad.


thanks. I am too


Welcome Nuha!


My name is Ebtisam , I am from Sudan & I speak Arabic & English


Welcome to Saylor Academy - we hope you enjoy the course!


Hi my name is Nezha I have twenty two years I’m Moroccan and I speak Arabic French and English too but I need to practice it more and more :grin::grin:


Welcome Nezha! We hope you enjoy the course!


Of course I will enjoying… Thank you so much


hi, my name is mohamed rida hajli . my nationality is morocco .i can speak arabic and frenche.


My name is Alex Godswill. I’m from Nigeria. I speak Yoruba.


Welcome Alex!!


Welcome @hajlirida!!!


Hi everyone,
My name is Amaan.
My nationality is Pakistani.
My native language is Urdu and I speak little bit english too.


Hello everyone,
My name is khaled mansouri, I am Algerian, I speak Arabic and Frensh , and English, I study Architecture in the university


Welcome to Saylor Academy, we hope you like the courses!


Welcome Khaled, enjoy the course!


Hay everyone
My name is Nader I am from Tunisia i can speak Arabic ,English and french


My name is Ismael, I am Comorian. I speak Arabic and French.


Hello everyone, first of all let me introduce myself to you. My full name is Mourad Jrari, I’m 24 years old. I live in Morocco is it my country. Moreover I could speak Arabic well, and also English.


My name is Pranav Patel.
I’m Indian.
I speak Gujarati and Hindi.