ESL001: Introduce Yourself



I everyone,
My full name is Palie Habib Bion. I am ivorian from ivory coast and i speak fluently french. Also i speak english but my level is medium


Welcome Nader!!


Welcome Ismael!!


Welcome Palie @bionhabib & Pranav @patelrocks36 - we hope you enjoy the course!!


My name is Rokaya.
My nationality is Iraqi.
I speak Arabic and now learning English.

  1. My name is Ahmed CHALLI
  2. I am Moroccan
  3. I speak Arabic, French and English


Welcome Rokaya @hayat86 & Ahmed @hmdbnhmd - we hope you enjoy the course!


Thank you very much

And then I’d like to alert a tinny error in this course : ESL001 / 1.2 Nouns and Pronouns / Nouns and Pronouns / Kinds of pronouns / 2nd table :
You must exchange “her” and “him” places


@hmdbnhmd we will have someone check it out!


Hi everyone, My name is Mustafa I’m twenty-tow years old and my nationality is Yemeni.
This is my first topic.


Hi everybody
My name is Ahmed, I am Moroccan from Fez city but I stay in Central African Republic where I work now with the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement since 2014. I am married and I am 48 years old, I Graduaeted in 2013 in Géographical Sciences and Sustainable Development from Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University - Fez - Morocco


I’m Mohammed Shihata
I’m 35 years old , I’m Egyptian and live in Cairo
My mother tongue is Arabic, also I’m good in English


My name is mohamed ,I am fifty two years old ,I am from Libya and my nationality is Libyan, I speak Arabic which is my native language and a little English.


My name is Ricardo.

I am Portuguese.

I speak Portuguese (native language / mother tongue), English and a bit of French.


my name is rachid
I am moroccan
I can speak Arabic and French


HI everyone,
My name is jaouad achaari from Morocco
I speak 2 languages(Arabic and English)


Welcome @rachid_benaly + @jawadaitali636 + @ricmarques + @almodeer + @mohammad.shihata62 + @mustafamaudhah - welcome to Saylor Academy! We hope you enjoy the course!


My name is MD. Shoriful Islam
I am a Bangladeshi Citizen
I can speak English, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu


Thank you for pointing out the error in the course, it is being fixed. Nice job!!!


My name is Saad.
M’y nationality is Moroccan,
I speak Arabic and French