ESL001: Introduce Yourself



Welcome Saad -we hope you enjoy the ESL001 course- and please note that more ESL courses will be uploaded later this year.


Hello :slight_smile:

My name is Ben, I’m French , I speak french and arabic.


My name is rachida.I’m algerian.I can speak arabic french and little bit english.I love reading books.


Welcome Ben @benanir & Rachida @kechrouda - we hope you enjoy the course!!


I’m Ibrahim and i’m from Yemen,I speak arabic language.


Welcome - we hope you enjoy the course!


My name is zakaria. My nationality is Moroccan. I can speak Arabic.


Hello my name is Zakaria I am 22 years old from Morocco, united in Arabic and I love English language and I want to be fluent in it because it is the language of the present and the coming ages.:عيون القلب:عيون القلب:


Hello Zakaria! Welcome to ESL001 :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hello, my name is Carlos Alberto. My natonality is mexican. I speak spanish and a little english.


Hello Carlos! Welcome to ESL001 :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you. I appreciate yor attention! Greetings form México.


My name is Moosa Alnasseri.
I am from Oman.
I speak Arabic as well as English language.


My name is khalid
My nationality is morrocan
I can speak french and arabic


My name is franck
My nationlity is french
I can speak french and a little english


Hi, my name is Hicham, I’am 26 years old, I’m from morocco.


Welcome Hicham @achalhi.hicham - we hope you enjoy the course!! May I ask how you learned about our Saylor Academy site?


Hello everyone :slight_smile:
My name Ihab 34 years old . I am Egyptian . I speak English .russian and Arabic languages And i live in Russia no kids i work in tour agency. Thanks you . Everyone :


hi everyone my name is noor khadidja im from algeria and i speak french .arabic . and english


my name is serag zaher
I am egyptian
I can speak arabic and english