ESL001: Introduce Yourself



my name is mohammed I am from Iraq I speak arabc


my name is mohammed

i`m egyptian

i can speak arabic and a little english


Hi , my name is Nadia , Im Maroccain , i spaek arab and alittle of english


My name is Sarah Sahi .I’m Algerian. So i speak Arabic and little french.


My name is Gideon Onuh. My nationality is Nigerian. I speak English language and Hausa


Hi! there :slight_smile:

  1. My name is Sherif.
  2. My nationality is Egyptian.
  3. I speak Arabic and a little English.


My name is Maryam.
I’m Iraqi.
I can speak Arabic, a little English, Japanese and French.


My name is Maryam.
I’m Iraqi
I can speak Arabic, a little English, Japanese and French.


Hi everyone.
My name is youssef
My nationality is Moroccan
And i speak dutch, french, arabic, and a little english.


My name is Fatma Ahmed, i’m from Egypt so my nationality is Egyptian, and my native language is Arabic but i’m good in English too


My name is Samir. I am from Morocco, and I speak ARABIC, FRENCH, and ENGLISH.


Hi, My name is Omar. I’am Moroccan and i speak Arabic, French, English, and a little bit Turkish.


My name is Fatimaezzahra.
Iam Moroccan.
I can speak Arabic, French and a little English


My name is hilman, my nationality is Indonesian. I can speak Sundanese, Indonesian, Arabic, and a little English.


My name is Abdelhak .I’m eighteen years old .my nationality is moroccan .I speak Arabic with french and little english .


My name is Jaamwantie.
My nationality is Guyanese.
I speak english


My name is Recy Lyn A. Valenzuela. My nationality is Filipino. I can speak Filipino and a little bit English


my name is Nadine Lynch
i am from south africa
i am an English speaker


Hi everyone!
My name is Hasna, My nationality is Morrocan, and my native language is Arabic.


Welcome Recy @rcyvlnzl + Nadine @nadinelynch2600 + Hasna @hasnaelaf and all the the new friends of Saylor Academy. We hope you enjoy the ESL001 course. We hope you continue on and complete the course.

We will have a new ESL002 second course in the not too distant future.