ESL001: Parts of Speech



Cat: it
Parents: they
Sister: she


A small white cat
The best parents ever
My little sister
The large blue winndow
The kindest brother


Phone -> it
Co-workers -> they
Bag -> it
Secretary -> her
A cable -> it


dog it
david he
car it
cat it
people they


make a list of 5 verbs that you’ve done today Then add an adverb to each verb to describe it
write carefully
see easily
play happily
eat quickly
breathe slowly


Car — It
Friend — You
Sister — She
Men — They
Father — He

  • Car It
  • Mom She
  • man ; He
  • House ;It
  • People They


My self — I
Brother – He
Sister – She
Cat – it
Friends – They


I went immediately
He rarely plays tennis
She woke up slowly
We took breakfast rapidly
She tells sadly




sister she
cousin he
children they
window it
establishment it


Alfread He
Pan It
Phone It
students they
Cofee It


-although it was raining, i stayed next to the station waiting for my sister
-l took my breakfast at 10:00 am
-we went to see our family yesterday although the weather wasn’t good


1_ I read carfully the leçon
2_ My new friend liked really my advice
3_ I worked ardently
4_ We passed only one test
5_I got merrily a new book


daughter she
roben he
house it
car it
people they


white car
best friend
little cat
langue bus

dark night


father --> he
Daughter–> she
Car --> it
Men --> they
Garden --> it


Wife she
Son he
TV it
doors are


A chair - it
A man - he
People_ they
A girle - she


A chair … It
A woman… She
A man … He
People … They