ESL001: Parts of Speech



mother=she lovely
table=it big
door=it blue
father=he taller
sisters=they amazing


today I wake up at 9 am cause I’m on holidays, I have taken my breakfast at 10 am after that I have preparing my self to go to see my friends.


Factory : it
Hauses : They
Girl : she
Mody : he
Dog : it


Bottle --> it
Dog --> it /he (my pet)
Daddy --> he
Cigarette --> it
clock --> it


Brother _he
Mother _she
Duck _ it
Picture _it
Boys _ they


Keg - It
Uncle - He
Pupils - Their
Table - It
Electricity - It


@kechrouda, I think you’re adding adjectives to the attributes.


sister —>she


TV- It modern.
sister- she kind.
parents - they strong.
plant-more beautiful than the other.
friend- the bast one ever.


clean patiently.
eat happily.
read deeply.
cook calmly.
run fast.


My mother—> She
Cheer----> It
Dog—> it
My friends—> They
Hassan—> He


how that?so what I have to do?


thanks but I’m on another step where I have to speak about my routine.


I think I have post on the wrong catedory,I’m new there,thanks for helping me.




Father He
Sarah She
friends They
Table It
Car my


tree : it
brother : he
aunt : she
friends : they
car : it


Table - it
Friends - they
Lisa - her
Karim - he
Cat - it


mohammed he

dalia she

bus it

mohammed and dalia they


Merchant – He
Sister-- She
Tree-- It
Thieves-- They
Lamp-- It