Esl001 parts of speech

Noun,pronoun,verb,adverb,adjective,prepositions are parts of speech in english.Noun means all we see around of us.For example,people,tree,flower,desk,sun,child,apple,women,door,school and etc.Noun may be abstract and concrete.Concrete is that we can see with our eyes,for example man,bathroom,foot,book,ball and etc.Abstract is that we can’t see with our eyes,for example,life,tranqulity,friendship and etc.There are proper nouns,they mean names of things,countries,cities, people.Nouns can be used with prepositions.Nouns is used at the beggining of sentence much more,absolutely before verbs.
Pronouns is divided some parts:personal,objective,reciprocal,negative and etc.personal-i,you,he,she,it,we,you,they,objective-me,you,him,her,it,us,you,them.reciprocal-each other,one another.negative-neither,nor,
Anybody,somebody,nobody are pronouns.

nouns like: tree , milk,
verb like: eat, play,
pronoun like: i, he
adjective like: red, big
adverb like: slowly
preposition like: on, in ,
conjunction like: because, and,
interjection like: oh no

verbs and adverbs=
do well, walk carefully, play fast, run quiqly, come early